Big Sister Mountain Climb

Happy 5th Birthday Geo!

In July 2015, four men journeyed to the summit of one of Alberta's most beautiful mountains to wish a very special boy Happy 5th Birthday and continue to spread our message against impaired driving. At an elevation of 9632 feet, Big Sister (Faith) is the tallest of the Three Sisters mountain range that tower over Canmore, Alberta. They can be seen very clearly from Highway 1 between Banff and Calgary. We did this climb to honor Geo and let him know that we will never forget him. Through his memory we will continue to fight against impaired driving and hopefully save lives. PEOPLE NEED TO GET THE MESSAGE THAT IMPAIRED DRIVING IS NOT AN ACCIDENT, IT'S A CHOICE. Everything in life begins with choice. We all make 100s of choices everyday, some good and some bad. And those choices we make affect everybody around us. So if we can convince even one person to think twice before making the choice to drink and drive then we've accomplished our goal. The Big Sister team would like to issue a challenge to anybody reading this. The next time you go out for a night of drinking and having fun with your friends we want you to volunteer to be the designated driver for the night. Just sit back and watch how much fun everybody will have knowing that no matter what happens that night, they're getting home safe and sound with you. Plus you'll have the added bonus of your friends owing you a night where they will be the designated driver for you. Save a life! Volunteer to be the DD the next time you go out drinking with your friends.