The Lining Family

Lining Family Disneyland Adventure and Party at WEM Waterpark

As part of Geo's 3rd memorial in May 2016, we were introduced to the Lining family from Saskatoon, (Saskatchewan.) Rommel, his wife Jonalane, and their adorable 10 year old daughter Kaitlyn, were all seriously injured in a head on collision with an alleged impaired driver in December 2015. They had been having an extremely difficult time dealing with the aftermath of the collision. Things like hospital visits, doctors, lawyers, court dates, insurance, therapy etc. It was a never ending nightmare. They needed a vacation in a major way so when Rommel told us that Kaitlyn's favorite place in the world was Disneyland, it was settled, we were sending them there. Mackenzie and her mom Barb, the family we met in 2015 at Geo's 2nd memorial, joined us in the planning and we decided to surprise Kaitlyn with the Disneyland trip. Her parents told her that the gift from our charity was the weekend at WEM in the Fantasyland Hotel and a trip to the World Waterpark and Galaxyland. She had no idea we were sending them to Disneyland. And since Mackenzie raised a large portion of the funds for the gift to the Lining family herself, we asked her to present the gift to Kaitlyn. And let me tell you, Kaitlyn's reaction to the surprise was absolutely priceless. It was such a beautiful example of paying it forward and of victims of impaired driving looking out for one another and sticking together.CTV news did an amazing story on the event.


Thank You

● Edmonton Educational Daycare Group for your generous donation toward the gift for the Lining family.
● Mackenzie and Barb for personally helping to raise funds for the gift to the Lining family.
● Stuart Houston, Mayor of Spruce Groove and Structural Systems Supervisor at WEM, along with his entire team, for your very generous donation of Waterpark passes.
● Gregory Johnson, Gabrielle, and the rest of the staff at the Fantasyland Hotel in WEM for giving us a great rate on the theme room for the Lining family and ensuring they had a wonderful stay.
● Sheri Clegg, Amanda, and the rest of the staff at the Waterpark for graciously helping us set up the event and providing a party room for us.