The Geo Mounsef Foundation

The Geo Mounsef Foundation was established in 2014 in memory of 2 1/2 year old Geo Mounsef. He was tragically killed when an alleged impaired driver crashed his SUV into a south Edmonton restaurant patio where he, his mom, dad, and baby brother were having dinner.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the tragic consequences of impaired driving and to help bring some joy to families with children who have been affected by this terrible crime. Every year around Geo's memorial, May 19, we plan on having a big sporting event and honoring a new family with a special gift. The family is typically recommended by MADD Canada (thank you Gillian Phillips and Tracy Crawford). The loss of a parent or loved one is devastating to a child and we believe the best way to help heal their pain is with joy and happiness. We try and give them something to be excited about so they don't focus on the pain. Unfortunately, so many families, like ours, are torn apart by impaired driving every year. The statistics are staggering. In Canada, impaired driving claims between 1250- 1500 lives and causes over 60,000 injuries per year. These numbers are absolutely unacceptable. If we want things to change then we have to go to the root of the problem. IMPAIRED DRIVING IS NOT AN ACCIDENT, IT'S A CHOICE; one of the worst choices a person can make in their lives. It is a choice that can kill innocent people like Geo. Our goal is to encourage people to make the right choice, the life-saving choice, say “NO, I WILL NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.”

Check the tabs at the top of the page for information and pictures/video of past events. If you would like more information about the foundation, or would like to participate/volunteer in one of our events, please email us at: