Mackenzie's Rock Concert in Vancouver

As part of Geo's 2nd memorial in May 2015, we were introduced to Mackenzie Fragoso and her amazing family. She's a 13 year old girl who, less than a year ago, was involved in a head on collision with an impaired driver that severely injured her and claimed the lives of her father Dave and stepmother Charlotte. Bystanders were barely able to pull her out of the vehicle seconds before it burst into flames, killing her parents right in front of her eyes. No child should ever have to endure something as painful and traumatic as that. So when Mackenzie's mother Barb told us about her dream to see her favorite rock band live in Vancouver that summer it was our absolute pleasure to help out with the trip. CBC news did an amazing story on the event.


Later that summer, on Saturday August 29, 2015, Mackenzie celebrated her 14th birthday. When her mom Barb showed us a copy of the invitation they sent out for the party we were surprised to say the least. Here's what it said, “It's Kenzie's 14th birthday and she's having a party with a twist. Our family was blessed with a gift from the Geo Foundation this year so in return Kenz would like to invite everyone to stop by our house for a burger on her birthday. She says she has everything she could possibly want so instead of gifts she's asking for donations to the Geo Foundation to go towards next years family that they choose to shine on. No amount is to small and even if you don't wish to donate we'll still feed you, give you a hug and thank you for being part of our story. We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!” This amazing young girl has decided to donate all of her birthday presents to the family that we will have the absolute pleasure of trying to bring some joy to next year. She's gone through more in her 14 years then most people go through in a lifetime and she still only thinks of others and not herself. Mackenzie was thrilled when we told her that she would be joining us next year on Geo's 3rd Memorial to present her donation to the new family in person. From all of us at The Geo Foundation we would like to say HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY MACKENZIE and thank you for your kindness. We want you to know that this gift really means a lot to us and we are so excited for you to join us next year. May all of your years to come be filled with joy, happiness and light. You deserves nothing less, and never forget that you are not alone. We are here for you anytime you need anything.
***UPDATE: Mackenzie raised $1650 for next years family. Well done!!! 


Thank You

● Educational Daycare Group for your very generous donation towards the gift for Mackenzie.
● Axe Music for hooking us up with a great deal on music stuff for Mackenzie.
● ION Print Solutions for making us a beautiful banner for Mackenzie's Birthday.