The Howe Family

Howe Family Disneyland Adventure

As part of Geo's 1st memorial in May 2014, we were introduced to the Howe family. This beautiful family tragically lost both of their parents, Brad and Krista, in a collision with a drunk driver in February 2010 leaving their 5 children orphaned. Krista's younger sister Karla uprooted her own life in Vancouver and moved to Red Deer to look after the kids. No family could be more deserving or in need of a vacation then them. So when we contacted the Howe's and asked if we could send them on a dream vacation to Disneyland we were thrilled when they accepted. Global News did a nice story about us and the Howes.


Thank You

To the following people for raising money towards the gift for the Howe family.
● Joanne Jost, manager of the poker room at Casino Yellowhead, for organizing the poker tournament last year in Geo's honor. It was pretty amazing to see all the staff and dealers wearing T-shirts with Geo's picture on them. The turnout of Edmonton poker players ready to support a good cause was quite impressive.
● Bobby-Ann Dupe and Sean Dunster for organizing the Monster Pro Wresting event. The entire show was dedicated to Geo and they even presented his parents with a special championship wrestling belt with his name on it.
● Sarah Ward and her team of helpers for organizing an amazing yard sale.